GainSeeker Platform Library Solutions - Design Process

GainSeeker Platform Library Solutions Development Cycle

The GainSeeker Platform Library of solutions (GPL) is picking up momentum. While it is still in beta mode, we’re already hearing enthusiastic support from clients.

Recently we hosted some deep dive demos into the early draft of a new Audit and Compliance Kit with a handful of clients. This new kit is not quite ready for full release, but you can see the first level documents here.

Great learning experience

These demos were a great learning experience for all of us. Craig Glick Miller, one of our Technical Project Managers walked clients through a demonstration of the sample dashboards he developed for the kit, and then did a line-by-line explanation of the supporting GainSeeker Inspection.

The clients were intrigued to see how he went about solving the problem. Many of them had been tinkering with a possible solution (or had already developed a full-blown solution) on their own. Being able to compare notes seemed very helpful. One said, “I wish I had seen this a couple weeks ago. I really like the way you put this together.”

Inviting your input

These experiences made me want to engage even more closely with you in developing the GainSeeker Platform Library solutions. In the coming months, I encourage you to watch the Data Heads blog for new kits that we’re developing. If there is something you’re interested in or have some experience doing, you have a standing invitation to join us.

  • During the Design Phase, you can help us identify the goals and functionality the kit needs to meet.
  • During the Review Phase, we’ll share what we are planning to release and invite your feedback.

Participating in these design and review sessions gives you an opportunity to steer the solution to meet your own situation. And you’ll be collaborating with other users and benefiting from their insights and perspectives.

Your next opportunity is during the design phase for the Multi-Plant Rollup Kit. We have a top-level home page for this kit. We’ll add more detailed instructions for setting up the GainSeeker database to support a high-level multi-plant dashboard, along with some sample dashboards and other supporting content, as soon as it is available.

If you have experience in developing this kind of solution we’d love to hear from you. And if this is something you need in your organization and you’d like to help guide the design effort for this kit, we also welcome your participation. The easiest way to join this design phase is to complete this form.

We hope you’ll join us in this important effort.