We had such a great turnout in attendance and awesome feedback, the gang at Hertzler Systems said, “Yes, it would be a great idea to increase the amount of GainSeeker Tech Tips LIVE webinars we host in a year.”  Last year we completed one every three months.  This year we are changing the game!  Tech Tips LIVE is now monthly and is the 3rd Thursday of every month at 2:00 pm EST.  This means you can set a recurring reminder for you.

Website Page for GainSeeker Tech Tips LIVE 2019

If you have not taken a stroll through our website lately I encourage you to do so.  Changes were made to quicken your ability to find what you need. Since the focus of this article is not on our website, (idea for my next article perhaps?) navigate to the Tech Tips LIVE Webinar page by clicking on the Client Resources drop-down from the main page.  Located on the left side of the page, the next Tech Tips LIVE webinar displays. While you look at this webinar why don’t you click on the register here and take a moment to register.  It’s OK, I’ll wait. GainSeeker Tech Tips

We now have a section on the right hand side for our Future Tech Tip LIVE Webinars! Go ahead and register for them as well!  We will continually update this page with new content as it becomes available.  As I sit here typing, I think I would like to have a form on this page so you can submit your ideas for our next Tech Tips Webinar!  After all, these topics are designed to help you, our customers. Let us know how we are doing or what you would like to see.  The form should be up soon.

Webinar format and content

Our Tech Tips LIVE 2019 format is 30 minutes in duration.  Generally, it is 15 –  20 minutes of content followed by 10-15 minutes of Q & A!  Byron and I will be co-hosting. I introduce the topic and guest speakers and Byron will present a strategic look into the topic.  This year we will be inviting various people to present on a topic they are an expert on.  This gives everyone a change to get to know our staff and colleagues a bit better.  At the Q & A portion of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to ask your question and have one of us answer in real time.

Other Stuff

  • Bookmark the “Tech Tips Live Webinar” page.  It shows the next LIVE Webinar, Future Webinars, plus videos of past TTL webinars.  January 19th is our next one.  Have you signed up yet??? You better!
  • Just a reminder:  Starting with version 8.9 Microsoft XP is NO LONGER SUPPORTED.  If you have machines still on XP you cannot upgrade to versions 8.9 or greater.  I am hoping that by now (since Microsoft has discontinued support for this a while back) you guys are just fine. Click here for a current list of our supported environments.
  • If you do not have GainSeeker yet, I urge you to schedule a demo! Oh, and if you tell them Jen sent ya, I will sit in on the demo with you to help answer any technical questions you may have.
  • MS SQL server and Linux?? Yup, no problem starting with version 9.1.