Below are some of the questions clients are asking about the impact of Microsoft’s decision to end support for 32-bit operating systems.  This hot topic is worth a blog to let all our customers know it’s going to be all right.  I will try to answer the questions regarding the 32-bit support along with explaining the impact on GainSeeker Templates.

Old vs New - Hertzler Systems Inc

When are Templates going away?  

That depends.  I know, not exactly an answer.  There are so many different factors that go into answering this question.

A better question is:

When will Microsoft end support for 32-bit applications?

  • My research did not find a definitive date when the end of 32-bit applications will begin.  Many articles speculated that 2020 would be the earliest.  There are many companies (obviously) using 32-bit applications, so the lead time needs to be long.  Again, everyone is guessing.  There is no set answer as of today.
  • GainSeeker Templates will no longer function when Microsoft ends support for 32-bit applications AND you run a Microsoft update that removes this support from Windows 10.  (Again, I am referring to a hypothetical Windows update, sometime in the future.).
  • You can choose to delay the update for a period of about 30 months, and have Microsoft still support your existing version of Windows 10.  I believe, however, after the support cut-off date, security updates will end.
  • If you stop updating Windows and GainSeeker, you will still have Templates.  Both should continue to run as is.
  • I do NOT advise doing that though 🙂 We are informing our customers now in order to help migrate to Inspections with little to no stress.

When should I start using Inspections? 

  • Your next new project with GainSeeker!  We have found implementing GainSeeker Inspections in a new process or area is a great way to become familiar with Inspections and PC Collect.
  • Once Inspections have been introduced into the environment your operators will likely ask you to “rewrite” their data entry to PC Collect because it is much more user friendly.

What if I need help and direction with Inspections?

  • You are welcome to contact any of us here at Hertzler to find the best solution to fit your environment and needs.  We provide training as well as services to convert your Templates for you if you do not have the time.
  • We have a great help file if you are the type to quickly figure things out on your own.
  • If you are not sure if your question falls under support or not, call us anyway.   We will make sure you talk to the right person for help with your question.

Other Stuff

  • Bookmark the “Tech Tips Live Webinar” page. It shows the next LIVE Webinar, future Webinars, plus videos of past TTL webinars.  March 21st is our next one on AI in GainSeeker.  Have you signed up yet??? You better!
  • Starting with GainSeeker 8.9 Windows XP is NO LONGER SUPPORTED.  If you have machines still on XP you cannot upgrade to GainSeeker 8.9 or greater. Click here for a current list of our supported environments.
  • If you do not have GainSeeker yet, I urge you to schedule a demo! Oh, and if you tell them Jen sent ya, I will sit in on the demo with you to help answer any technical questions you may have.
  • Microsoft SQL Server and Linux?? Yup, no problem starting with GainSeeker version 9.1.
  • Active Directory and GainSeeker plays well together.