Whether or not you have access to the GainSeeker System Administration module, it is good to know what it can do, and how it is organized.  Experienced users can always benefit from little secrets you may not know about.  Those with access to this module, remember it comes great responsibility.  As I quickly cover the tabs and properties, I’ll note a power user tip for GainSeeker administrators. We also have some great training classes for those of you who want more detailed training on this module.

Breakdown of the tabs

System Administration - Hertzler Systems Inc




This tab allows you to create your GainSeeker users.  Some of the properties in this section are:

Property name Brief Description
Active directory association You can associate a GainSeeker user with a user or Group
from Active Directory.
Assigning the configuration The configuration contains the program settings you want to be applied for a user.  Each user must be assigned a configuration.
Setting an email address The FROM address of an email from GainSeeker will default to this email for a user if populated.
Setting / re-setting password You can change or reset per user. There are many additional password options as well.
Reserve a license for this user By selecting this checkbox, one of your GainSeeker licenses will be reserved for use by only this user.
Assigning user roles GainSeeker roles control the users’ ability to access different modules and features of the GainSeeker program.

System Administration - Hertzler Systems Inc

Power user tip:  If you right-click on a user you have a few short-cut options you may not know about.  Rename, copy, and delete.  A few other cool features is the ability to see all of the users’ last login on one print-able screen by selecting view users’ last login.  Likewise, if you choose view users information as text.



This tab allows you to define your own set of security permissions or use our default ones.  Remember, you cannot change the properties of the default ones, but you CAN copy them and then modify them.  Some of the permission properties you find here are:

Property name Brief Description
Add Rights This is just what it is.  The ability to Add such as Dashboards, Data, Desktops, Filters, Report formats, sessions, and Standards and Processes.
Change and Edit Rights This allows or prohibits being able to change items such as Bypass data, data, Dashboards, data table columns, notes, etc.
Delete Rights Afraid someone may delete something by accident? You can restrict deleting items such as Audit trail, Data, Desktops, Filters, and more!
Module Access Are there modules you do not use or some users should not use? Restrict access to Administration, DMS data entry, etc.
Utilities Grant or restrict access to items within the Utility module.


Power user tip: System Administration - Hertzler Systems Inc Two of my favorite right-click options are compare with and used by.  If you need to know the difference between two different roles, the compared by will let you know.  I always use the used by feature before making any changes to roles.  It is always good to know who is using the role before making changes.  I tend to forget and I would not want to accidentally give someone some extra privileges.



This tab allows you to define settings that will effect the entire configuration.  At the bottom is a set of system-wide settings.  Those effect ALL configurations.  I cannot stress this enough, if you are not familiar with this section consult someone who has been through the training or call our support.  We are always happy to help you make the correct changes.  Some of the properties here are:

Property name Brief Description
Audit trail options You can log changes to data and Standards.  You can require a reason if these things change.  Note there are also Audit trail options in the System Wide settings as well.
Calendar and dates Choose your calendar format, default date periods that show up in charts, first day of the week, shift hours and sequence, and start of work day.
Chart defaults Change the maximum count for retrieval, default reports or any of the Chart settings.
Lists, Standards, and Tables Adding Traceability labels or lists, or adding new Standards can be found here.
Statistics You can change the way GainSeeker calculates statistics such as control limits, standard deviation, and normality.

System Administration - Hertzler Systems Inc

 Power user tip: Once you change a setting within a Configuration you can highlight it and go up to Options and choose Apply current settings to all.  What a time saver if you have multiple Configurations and need to make the same setting change to them all.

Database Connections:

This tab defines how most GainSeeker applications connect to the GainSeeker database.  You can also define connections to other databases that you may need to connect to as well. Our Help file fully covers all these items if you would like more detail.

Other Stuff

  • Bookmark the “Tech Tips Live Webinar” page.  It shows the next LIVE Webinar, Future Webinars, plus videos of past TTL webinars.  February 21th is our next one.  Have you signed up yet??? You better!
  • Just a reminder:  Starting with version 8.9 Microsoft XP is NO LONGER SUPPORTED.  If you have machines still on XP you cannot upgrade to versions 8.9 or greater.  I am hoping that by now (since Microsoft has discontinued support for this a while back) you guys are just fine. Click here for a current list of our supported environments.
  • If you do not have GainSeeker yet, I urge you to schedule a demo! Oh, and if you tell them Jen sent ya, I will sit in on the demo with you to help answer any technical questions you may have.
  • MS SQL server and Linux?? Yup, no problem starting with version 9.1.