• This statement was created by the Hertzler Systems Leadership team, reviewed with all employees, updated and finally, consented to by all employees. We at Hertzler Systems Inc. condemn the acts of violence in our nation’s Capital earlier in January, 2021. The assault on the Capitol and the people within it cannot be excused. Even with [...]

  • The line up for the second half of 2020 was published today. The GainSeeker community can learn more about Dashboards, Short Run, Getting data in and out of GainSeeker, the new features of 9.4 and how to connect a new device. Tech Tips LIVE is the third Thursday of each month at 2pm eastern time. Titles [...]

  • From time to time, we have clients request information about the calculation of the statistics in GainSeeker. Often it is related to an audit by one of their customers or documentation needed by a regulatory body. To enable clients to access these more easily we have made these documents available on-line via the GainSeeker Documentation. [...]

  • January 24, 2020News

    GOSHEN,INDIANA January 24,2020—Hertzler Systems Inc. has released version 9.3 of its flagship GainSeeker® Suite Software platform. This release has nearly 150 enhancements. For the first time, Spanish and French language support will be native for PC Collect data entry. The new Data Canvas provides operators instant visual feedback of the data being recorded right on [...]

  • As we begin a new year and a new decade, technology and the business marketplace will continue to grow and evolve more rapidly than ever. There exist core principles, however, that transcend changing business conditions. These include:Strong core values. This goes beyond a laid-back dress code and flexible hours to the vision, mission, culture, and [...]

  • Throwback Thursday is popular on social media platforms. We usually get a good chuckle out of seeing how things have changed or stayed the same when we see the TBT tag. At Hertzler Systems, we will be using TBT to dust off articles that remain relevant, but have become hidden in the bits and bytes [...]

  • Companies gamble in small ways every day. They gamble raw materials will arrive on time and will be what was ordered. They gamble customers will continue to buy products with a sustainable financial margin. Will employees be up to the task of running and if needed, adjusting production processes to maintain the quality customers require? We all roll the dice and the odds vary greatly, but in a business context, they all share a common feature, risk.

  • SQL Server keeps statistics on tables and indexed views to enable it to optimize how the database engine runs the queries and improve performance. By default, these statistics are updated automatically. To view the status of the “Auto Update Statistics” setting, from the Microsoft Management Studio right-click on the SPC database and select Properties from [...]

  • May 16, 2019News

    GOSHEN, INDIANA May 16, 2019 — Hertzler Systems Inc. has released version 9.2 of its flagship GainSeeker® Suite Software. This release includes enhancements that make it easier to see current production throughput and analyze Defect data in new ways to more accurately reflect what is happening over time. Additionally, printing functionality has been enhanced and [...]

  • Tech Tip: GainSeeker Dashboard Control – Date/Time ControlYou may be asking yourself why I thought something as simple as the Date/Time control on Dashboards is blog worthy.  At surface level , it looks like just another date/time feature. If you have not used it before, that could be a logical assumption.  What I want to [...]